The Advantages of Renting Office Space Rather Than Leasing It

Real estate in New York City is expensive. There’s just no doubt about it, real estate in the city is almost too expensive. That is precisely why many companies are now turning to short-term rentals to meet their office space requirements. Short-term rentals offer businesses all sorts of advantages that are just simply not attainable by leasing space today.

The leasing of properties is a time-consuming process that can also be quite expensive due to long-term contracts. Thus, the primary advantage to renting space rather than leasing it is the initial cost-savings that will be obtained in return. This cost-savings can be significant too, especially if you go with one of the more affordable rental options available today.

Just because these options are affordable doesn’t mean they lack in amenities though. In fact, you will likely find that the amenities offered by these services occasionally surpass those of standard properties that are leased with long-term contracts. For instance, your coworking spaces in NYC will be outfitted in modern furnishings so that you may impress clients and business partners during all of your meetings. These spaces also come with a number of helpful services that will greatly enhance your day to day business activities too.

For instance, along with gaining access to a fully-furnished space with a complete kitchen at your disposal, you will also be given a physical business address. Only the best rented office spaces also give their clients their own sign in the lobby to further enhance their company’s image too. It’s services like these that really make rented office spaces just as functional and reliable as traditional ones.

The primary reason why customers are using these office spaces is truly the convenience though. If you are planning a business trip and need coworking spaces in NYC, then you too will certainly find these services to be convenient, because you can just rent a space for a few days rather than lease it for a month or more. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars a month by helping you avoid maintaining office space year-round in one of the most expensive cities on Earth. If you are ready to start saving today, visit Sage Workspace at

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