The Advantages of Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment in Arlington TX

PRP or Platelet rich plasma treatment in Arlington TX is a permanent and non-operative solution for many conditions, including ligament sprains/tears and arthritis. PRP therapy focuses on using the healing process within the body and concentrates your platelets so that they can be injected into the damaged joint, tendon, or ligament thereby promoting repair of the tissues and accelerating the healing process.

Because the platelets have a variety of healing and growth factors, most patients can experience a fully pain-free like in as little as six weeks. While PRP therapy was first used by athletes to reduce stiffness, swelling, tenderness, and inflammation, it is now widely available to people with many conditions.

Conditions that Benefit

If you have one or more of these conditions, PRP therapy could be beneficial to you. These include:

  • Shoulder pain/instability
  • Lumbar spine disc pain
  • Hamstring/hip strains
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Knee sprains/instability
  • Ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis (any joint)
  • Nerve entrapment issues (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Many others

Less Invasive

Many patients find that with many of the medical conditions listed earlier, pain management through medication is usually the first step. When the medication stops working, and others don’t help much, the last resort is usually surgical. Most people would prefer to hold off on surgery or never require it. PRP therapy gives them one more treatment option to try before resorting to surgical procedures.

Along with such, PRP therapy doesn’t just relieve pain; it is designed to heal the underlying cause or issue so that the pain doesn’t recur.

How it Works

Creating platelet rich plasma can be done at the doctor’s office and is painless and simple. They draw blood, put it in a centrifuge and spins the blood very fast to separate it into concentrated platelets and red blood cells. The platelets can then be injected into the appropriate part of the body. Visit ZEN Interventional Pain & Wellness Center, PLLC for more information.

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