Storm Damage in Wichita? Call in a Disaster Restoration Company

Homeowners can suddenly be hit with emergencies such as a fire, flood or storm damage. It’s critical that they call in an emergency clean-up company immediately. Professionals from ACT Emergency Clean up are available 24 hours day, each day of the year. Mold can establish itself very quickly when there are large amounts of water present. Fires take a lot of water to be put out, so even a home that just suffered a fire can be vulnerable to a mold infestation. When a tree goes through a roof on a stormy night, it’s imperative that the roof be covered to prevent further damage.

Storm Damage in Wichita can present itself in a variety of ways. Experienced disaster specialists will know how to evaluate the situation to protect the property and the people who live there. The professionals can quickly evaluate the safety of the overall structure. Strong flood waters can weaken the structure and the foundation. If the structure is secure, then they have to address excess moisture throughout the home. They can bring in powerful vacuum cleaners that can remove excess moisture from carpets, upholstery and draperies. Professional cleaners will then be able to remove the odors related to fire and water damage. Large portable driers will draw excess moisture out of floors and walls. However, it’s not uncommon that some of these will have to be replaced. The company has contractors on staff who can do this quickly.

If the Storm Damage in Wichita is covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy, then the company will work directly with the insurance company to fill out the paperwork. They will be there when the insurance adjuster arrives to look at the damage. It’s important that he include all of the tasks that are necessary to fully restore the house. It’s often necessary for the air conditioning duct work to be cleaned to ensure that mold is not growing there. Windows will have to be carefully checked to make sure that there are no cracks and leaks that will continue to let water seep in. Hail can damage a home in many subtle ways. It takes the trained eye of a professional to find these.

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