Start Your Career As A Truck Driver With Chicago Truck Driving Schools

So far this year, trucking companies have added over 5,000 positions according to the U.S. Labor Department. The demand for truck drivers is expected to grow over 20% through the year 2020. Trucks on the road deliver approximately 70 percent of the freight in the country. As the demand for goods increases the demand for experienced truck drivers increase. Without trucks delivering goods across the country, our infrastructure would breakdown. If you have wanted to get your commercial driving license and go to work for the trucking industry now is a good time to begin. Truck drivers are important because they keep the country moving.

Truck Driver Qualifications

Must have driver’s license from state in which they live.

Most employers require clean driving record.

Trucks that carry at least 26,000 pounds must have a commercial driver’s license from the state in which they live.

To qualify for a commercial driver’s license applicants must pass written tests on rules and regulations and then take a driving test to demonstrate that they can operate a commercial vehicle.

Drivers must be at least 21 years old and pass a physical examination once every 2 years.

Company Name Schools offer:

Training for Class A and B commercial licenses

Weekday or weekend classes

Full or part-time schedule

Customized training hours to meet special needs

Tutoring assistance available for maximum benefit

One-of-a-kind learning experience using an actual trucking facility.

Financial options such as installment programs, credit cards, State and Federal Grants and more.

A Preferred Placement Program is offered when certain conditions apply such as the ability to obtain license, no criminal convictions using drugs or alcohol and no felony convictions. Must also pass classroom tests with a minimum 80% average.

With dedication and hard work, within a few weeks you could be qualified to drive for major trucking industries such as:

General freight trucking

Specialized freight trucking

Grocery and related wholesalers

Cement and concrete manufacturing

Petroleum wholesalers

Couriers and express delivery systems

There is more to driving a truck than just driving. Chicago Truck Driving Schools can offer you the knowledge and tools to help you succeed in the truck driving industry.

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