Smooth Out Wrinkles With Botox Schaumburg

The benefits of Botox have been growing over the last few years with many people understanding this chemical can be used to smooth the wrinkles, particularly on the forehead. This product was approved in 2002 by the FDA with Botox treatments in Schaumburg also being used to reduce excessive sweating when used on the armpits and eliminate headaches and migraines. Despite these medical uses, cosmetic surgery remains the most impressive use of Botox and remains one of the top treatments for those looking to fight the effects of aging.

The effects last between three and four months

Botox has been used for over a decade and has become one of the most popular ways of fighting the effects of aging due to its ability to paralyze the muscles of the forehead. The initial use of Botox Schaumburg residents take advantage of, will take the form of injections into the forehead that paralyzes the muscles of the forehead which are contracted over the life of the individual. The paralyzing effect of the Botox chemicals has the ability to smooth wrinkles for between three and four months. There is little to be done to extend the treatment apart from more Botox injections when the effects wear off.

Increase your self-esteem with Botox in Schaumburg

As with most forms of plastic and cosmetic surgery, the overall goal of the Botox treatment is to improve the self-esteem and body image of the individual patient. For most patients the fact Botox takes around two to three days to achieve its overall effect, the chances of success are greater than with other treatments and surgical options. Throughout the life of a Botox treatment, the effects of this non-surgical option remain uniform until its effects wear off. Many of those who undergo Botox treatments try to prolong the effects of the treatment by using antioxidants and sunscreen that protect the skin.

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