Signs You Need a Mold Inspection in Salinas CA

Mold inspections are important when a home has experienced plumbing leaks or flooding. Even without these two issues, high humidity levels in a home can promote mold growth. It is important for homeowners to be able to recognize the signs they need mold inspection in Salinas CA so they can be sure their home is safe. Since some types of mold can be toxic, it is crucial homeowners rely on the professionals for proper mold removal and treatment.

• If the homeowners are experiencing sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, or breathing difficulty, mold could be to blame.

• Some types of mold can cause sensitive individuals to develop headaches.

• When a homeowner finds mold in their home, they need to have it tested to make sure it is not toxic.

• Homes that have large colonies of mold will often smell moldy.

• A homeowner who has experienced plumbing leaks needs to seek a Mold Inspection in Salinas CA to ensure there are no issues with mold in the home.

A mold inspection covers the entire home from top to bottom. A thorough inspection is crucial for finding any issues with mold so the mold that is found can be tested. It is important a homeowner and technician are aware of the type of mold present so they can be proactive in removing the mold safely and effectively.

Mold can not only be present growing on porous and non-porous surfaces in a home, it can also live in the air. Airborne mold spores are particularly dangerous because the occupants of a home can breathe in these particles and become very ill. The technician will take air samples to have them tested for mold spores. The technician will also work to find the cause of the mold and will test the humidity levels in different parts of the home.

If you are experiencing the signs of mold growth in your home, it is important you act quickly and call in the professionals for a mold inspection. They can provide you with the professional mold testing and remediation services your home needs so it can be safe for your family.

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