Signs of Good Roofers in Naples, FL

by | Aug 20, 2013 | Roofing

There certainly are a lot of roofing contractors in Florida because of Florida’s unpredictable weather. Not all roofers are alike. Your home is your largest investment. Be as choosy about a roofer as you were about buying your home. Here are some good signs to be on the lookout for when choosing Roofers in Naples, FL.

Does Not Come to Your Door

Good roofers do not knock on your door offering their services. They only should knock on your door after you have contacted them. Those roofers that do may not really be roofers but scam artists. They often come around after storms and offer repairs at incredible discounts. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s false.

Does Not Ask for Money Up Front

Although it’s normal to pay a small fraction of the estimated total costs before a roofer starts working on your home, it’s not normal to pay the entire amount before any work starts. Scammers will make you pay the entire amount and then not show up to do any work.

Affiliated with the BBB

Roofers do not have to be affiliated with the Better Business Bureau in order to operate in Florida. However, those that do show that they are willing to have their work and professionalism scrutinized in order to keep their BBB affiliation. Check with your local chapter of the BBB to double-check a roofer’s affiliation claims.

Licensed and Insured

Good roofing contractors working in the state of Florida need a state license. This license number should be proudly displayed on home pages of website, business cards and large Yellow Pages ads. If you do not see it, ask for the number. Good roofers will be happy to comply. Good roofers also will be insured. Always ask for proof of insurance before hiring any roofer.


Florida’s unique weather systems create special challenges for Florida homes. A good roofing contractor in Florida has worked in the state for many years and is therefore familiar with the local weather quirks. They also know the roads and are familiar with how to get to your town and street.

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