Should You Consult an Oak Lawn SSDI Lawyer?

Many people who qualify for Social Security Disability claims are unsure about how to proceed or even whether they qualify. This is the main reason that you will want to consult with an experienced Oak Lawn SSDI lawyer if you feel you have a valid case. There are some standard practices or steps that your lawyer and their team will take. Usually, it all begins with a sort of fact gathering meeting in which you present the facts that your lawyer will use to determine if you have a case and then how they will prepare it.

Nothing Is Simple

It is important to know that the laws and rules associated with SSDI claims and cases are not as simple as you might think, and that there are many unique rules that can be used to help you. For instance, you might believe that you will be wasting the time of an Oak Lawn SSDI lawyer if you are making a claim after years of manual labor and have only recently become impaired.  After all, you might think that your 30 or so years of unskilled labor makes it impossible for you to put in a claim that you can no longer manage the work. Yet, this is exactly where the special “worn out worker” rule comes into play.

Understand That There Are Many Unique Rules

This is a rule that is part of the SSA codes and regulations. It may apply to a limited number of people, but it is a good illustration of just why you must work with a skilled SSDI lawyer if you want the best outcomes. After all, the rule says that someone with:

  • A marginal education (usually no more than the 6th grade level);
  • Many years of unskilled, physical work experience of 35 years or more; and
  • Severe impairment (physical or mental) that leaves them unable to work as they have been used to working, for at least the foreseeable future (around one year)……may qualify for SSDI payments.

Get in Touch With an Oak Lawn SSDI Lawyer

This is but one example of the ways that disability payments might apply to you. If you have questions, concerns or feel you need the help of experts, contact Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd. for an initial consultation and learn if you have a good case and can start to seek benefits.

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