Severely Damaged Tooth? A Dental Crown in Las Vegas can Fix It

A tooth can be damaged in a car accident or by eating a chewy caramel apple. If the root system is intact, then the dentist can use a Dental Crown Las Vegas to easily repair the upper portion of the tooth. It used to take up to three visits for a dentist to finish installing a dental crown. Technological innovations now allow a dentist to complete the entire process in only one visit.

The new method permits the dentist to use digital photography to replace the gooey dental impressions, that no one ever enjoys. A small camera is placed on a special wand that easily reaches all the areas of a patient’s mouth. The dentist takes a picture of the tooth before he starts the process. Later, computer software will build a crown identical to that tooth. The dentist then uses a small drill to prepare the tooth for the crown. It will be shaped into a cube for the Dental Crown Las Vegas to sit over. Patients shouldn’t worry about the pain. The dentist will make sure that the tooth, gum and nerves are fully anesthetized, before he begins. When he is finished he takes another digital photograph of the prepared tooth. That provides information for the inside of the crown.

The two photographs are fed into special software that translates the digital photographs into information about the person’s teeth. The computer is attached to a milling machine. The dentist puts dental resin into the machine that closely matches the patient’s tooth enamel color. The milling machine then creates the Dental Crown Las Vegas. The dentist makes sure that it fits properly and checks the color. Usually he will have to augment the resin with dyes to match the color of nearby teeth. When he is done he will cement the crown in place.

Patients love the fact that they only have to go to the dentist once. In-office resin crowns reduce costs, because dentist doesn’t take traditional impressions and send them to a dental laboratory. The Desert Breeze Dental Las Vegas office is one of the dental practices that uses dental crowns to stabilise teeth. People who have broken or chipped teeth can contact them over the phone or through their website. You can browse website to know more.

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