Services Offered By an Emergency Dentist in Chicago IL

Even though dental emergencies do not happen every day, sometimes, there are instances in which you simply cannot avoid them. When you need immediate dental care, and it’s after business hours, or your dentist does not except walk-ins, what are you to do? Having an Emergency Dentist in Chicago IL, is your best bet for treating the problem right away. Rather than rushing to the emergency room where doctors do not have the necessary expertise to remedy the problem, locating a dentist that offers emergency care is the best solution.

Serious Toothache

When your tooth hurts really bad, sometimes over the counter pain medications won’t do the trick. Rather than wait until your next scheduled appointment you can reach out to an emergency dentist for immediate care. Toothaches can be very persistent and painful, and can worsen over time depending on what the cause is. Emergency care services can provide pain medication as well as antibiotic in the event that there is an infection present.

Tooth Trauma or Bleeding

Physical trauma that causes a tooth to come out prematurely could cause serious bleeding and other complications. While in some cases the bleeding will stop, you should have it looked at by a dentist if the bleeding persists. They have necessary skills to control the bleeding by either applying pressure to the injured area, or by using suture to sew up the area that has been affected.

Post-Surgery Complications

If you’ve recently had oral surgery and are experiencing some complications, this may be an instance in which you need immediate dental care. Some pain and discomfort are normal, however, it the pain increases, persists for more than 24 hours, or is causing great discomfort, an emergency dentist will need to determine if you have a fractured jaw or dry socket issues.

Don’t wait until an emergency occurs before looking into a reputable dentists offering immediate dental care. Even If you have a general dentist, they don’t always offer emergency services. It is always best to have a reputable Emergency Dentist in Chicago IL, just in case something goes wrong that won’t wait for regular business hours. Trying to find a dentist in the midst of an emergency can be hard, so click here to investigate more about services offered in your area.

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