Sell Bitcoins with Ease

There is no reason to shy away from investing in crypto currency such as bitcoins. In fact, it is much easier to buy and sell bitcoin in Chicago. This is due to companies like RockItCoin who take great pride in offering bitcoin ATMs that are user-friendly, private and easily located across the United States. Bitcoins are not governed by banks or any government. This is what makes investing in this type of digital currency an interesting and lucrative option. You can purchase big coins and then turn around and sell them from any ATM location offering the option to sell big coins from that particular machine.

Sell Bitcoins Using a RockItCoin ATM

RockItCoin offers the option to sell bitcoins at their ATMs. There are a few simple steps you need to take in order to sell your bitcoins to them. First, it is recommended that you use one of their wallets and set the mining fee to it’s highest priority. This will make sure that the transaction is confirmed quickly so all you need to focus on is being able to get the cash fast. In order to find the nearest RockItCoin ATM it’s a good idea to visit their website and locate an ATM in your area.

Selling Bitcoin in a Five Step Process

Selling bitcoin to a bitcoin ATM is a simple process that includes five easy steps. To start just press ‘withdraw cash’, and then select the appropriate amount from the provided transaction tiers. Next you will need to enter your cell number followed by your PIN number. Select the amount you choose to withdraw. Finally use your digital wallet to scan the QR code that has been provided and is located on the ATM screen. Don’t worry, your digital wallet will act as a camera for this part. Then you will receive your redemption code via text. After the bitcoin has been confirmed via the network one time, you will then receive an additional text to be used to receive your cash. To know more information visit

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