Selecting the Right Bridal Jewelry for Your Special Day

Every bride wants their special day to be memorable and perfect in every way. They spend months planning every single detail; right down to the type of bridal jewelry they will wear to complement their wedding gown and theme. There are many different styles to choose from, so it is basically down to personal preference. The following are the most common types of jewelry worn by brides, and this list will help you to decide what type will be the best to create a fabulous look you will be thrilled with:

  • Diamond Jewelry. Gold and diamond jewelry is perhaps the most traditional bridal jewelry, as it typically matches the engagement ring. Since brides don’t want to overdo it, they use minimal amounts of jewelry, so that their natural beauty shows through, with jewelry complements for an added touch. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other gemstones are often worn with the diamonds as well, to create a fabulous look that you and your groom will never forget. From necklaces and bracelets, to rings, earrings, diamond studded hair clips and more, you simply can’t go wrong when you select diamonds for your special day. They are beautiful to look at, and they look fabulous with all types of wedding attire.
  • Pearls. If you want jewelry that is both elegant and timeless, then pearls are the way to go. Pearl jewelry can be both contemporary and traditional in style, and custom pieces can look absolutely amazing and unique. You can opt for traditional pearls, or you can get them in a variety of dyed colors to suit your personal preference.
  • Beaded Jewelry. Custom made beaded jewelry has become increasingly popular with brides that want a trendy look on their wedding day. This type of jewelry is extremely versatile, and it looks gorgeous with all types and colors of wedding gowns. You can make a unique statement with creative flair when you choose beaded jewelry on your wedding day. The great thing about beads is that they come in numerous colors and styles, so you can match your wedding colors and theme perfectly.

With the many different types of jewelry styles that are available, you will be sure to find something you are absolutely thrilled with. It is best to coordinate your bridal jewelry with your wedding bands in Cincinnati, to have a beautiful look. Contact your local jeweler in Cincinnati well in advance, so that they can find or make the perfect pieces that you desire.


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