Save Money by Making Your Own Fishing Lures

Any fisherman will tell you that fishing can get expensive quite quickly. It is not unheard of to spend $10 or more on a single lure and most of the time you will want to make sure that your tackle box is full of them in order to be successful. That being said, you can make a wide variety of lures on your own. By making your own fishing lures in California, CA fishing will be better than you could ever imagine…and a lot cheaper. There are many benefits of making your own fishing lures and the kits are amazingly affordable.

Make Your Own Crankbaits with a Fishing Lure Kit

One of the fishing lures in California, CA that you can make with a kit is a crankbait. It is not uncommon for crankbaits to be quite expensive, so by making your own with a kit, you can literally save over $100. A typical kit to make crankbaits is about $30 and will make 20 crankbaits. However, in stores, a crankbait may be $10 or more. Would you rather spend $30 or $200 for the same items? In fact, because you are making them yourself, typically these lures are higher quality and can certainly stand up against store bought lures.

You Can Also Make Penny Lures with a Kit

Another type of lure that you can make at home is a penny lure…and they are even cheaper to make than a crankbait! There are penny lure kits available that have everything you need to make spoons, spinners and more, of all sizes, using a few pennies and the decals, metal rings and hooks that come in the readymade penny lure kit. You can literally make these lures for pennies on the dollar…no joke!

If you are looking for your own lure making kit, you can easily find one online. However, you should make sure, before you buy them, that you are buying from a trusted retailer. You should look for reviews online, make sure that you are looking at all of the literature before you buy and make sure that all of your questions are answered. Making your own fishing lures can be a very fun and rewarding activity and something that you can share with others, as well.

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