Replacing A Gasket Seal And Additional Repairs Provided By An Appliance Service In Shrewsbury MA

If a refrigerator door will not remain, shut, the gasket seal that is secured to it may be worn out. The following instructions describe how to remove a damaged seal and replace it with a new one. The results will prevent food from spoiling and an appliance’s door from opening unexpectedly.


   *   cordless drill

   *   the all-purpose cleaning agent

   *   mild detergent

   *   bucket of water

   *   sponge

   *   lint-free towel

   *   white vinegar

   *   measuring tape

   *   replacement seal

Removing A Seal And Cleaning A Door’s Edges

A cordless drill can be used to remove hardware that is installed through a door’s interior panel. A panel needs to be pulled slightly away from a door’s exterior. A damaged seal can be pulled up and over a panel. The edges of a door need to be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaning agent or a small amount of mild detergent that is mixed with water. A sponge can be moved over surfaces to loosen hardened substances. If stains are persistent, adding a small amount of white vinegar to them will assist with cleaning surfaces. A lint-free towel should be wiped over damp surfaces.

Installing A New Seal

A seal may need to be slightly stretched in order to pull it over a door’s interior panel. A seal needs to lay flat against a door’s edges. An interior door panel should be pressed firmly until it is directly against a door’s interior side. After hardware pieces are installed in a panel’s corners, they can be tightened with a cordless drill. Hardware should not be over tightened because it could cause hardware pieces to become damaged or may crack a door’s interior door panel.

An appliance’s door needs to be opened and closed to determine if a gasket seal was installed properly. If there are no visible gaps and a door remains closed, a seal was replaced the correct way. An Appliance Service in Shrewsbury MA can assist with difficult repairs or installation services. People may Visit us at an Appliance Service in Shrewsbury MA location to learn about appliances that are for sale, installation procedures, maintenance steps and repairs that are made by licensed technicians.

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