Repair and Replacement Options for Commercial Roofing in Colorado Springs CO

Although commercial metal roofing is designed to last a long time, it can still develop issues if it’s installed incorrectly or improperly maintained. When a building owner is looking to fix Commercial Roofing Colorado Springs CO, there are four choices: recovering, replacement, coating or repair. Answering these questions will help the property owner make better choices:

  • How severely is the roof damaged?
  • Is it properly installed?
  • Is the space occupied?
  • How is the building used?

Below is a list of options, along with the benefits and disadvantages of each choice.


Some roof problems are easily fixed, and don’t warrant the hassle and expense of replacement. Many business owners choose roof repair if the membrane is still in good shape, or if the roof is well insulated. Roofing repair is a great way to keep costs low, and it can extend the useful life of a roof.


Not every damaged roof needs to be replaced. If the roof is solid and has been installed correctly, re-covering can be a cost-effective solution. Many times, a roofing membrane can be installed on top of another membrane, but it can only be done once. Business owners often choose re-covering when the membrane is at the end of its lifespan, or if the roof has not been previously re-covered. Re-covering is cheaper and less disruptive than replacement, and often comes with an extended warranty.


Some roofs aren’t good candidates for re-covering. If a roof has been damaged or has been re-covered before, it should be replaced. Many property owners choose replacement if more than 25% of the roof has been damaged, or if the insulation is substandard. For owners looking for long-term stability and the latest metal roofing technology, replacement is the way to go. Click here for more details.


Commercial roofs can get coatings to extend their useful lives. Roofs are coated for extra leak protection, energy savings and improved comfort through reflection of UV rays and heat. Coating is a less disruptive process than replacement, and it can make a roof more aesthetically pleasing. For a cost-effective option, and a possible tax write-off, roof coating is a good choice.

Metal roofing is a durable, economical choice in Commercial Roofing Colorado Springs CO but problems can still arise. When a metal roof fails, replacement, recovering, coating and repair with Flatiron Steel can help business owners protect their assets and their investments.

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