Removing Asbestos in Portland, CT Requires Professional Expertise

Certain fibers in building products are deadly. While these fibers were once thought to be innocuous, people found out later that they were indeed hazardous. This type of hazard still exists today; if you live in an older home, you may need to have it checked for this danger.

That is why checking for asbestos in Portland, CT is still regularly performed. This threatening building material is found in and outside the home in the following items:

  *    Insulation

  *    Window putty

  *    Wood burning stoves

  *    Fireplaces

  *    Siding or stucco

  *    Sheetrock or drywall

  *    Flooring

  *    Ceiling tiles

  *    Heating ducts

  *    Pipe insulation

  *    Boilers


One of the major health concerns associated with asbestos is mesothelioma. The natural fiber, when breathed or ingested, can also lead to the development of lung cancer or asbestosis as well. Malignant mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer. The disease affects the mesothelial cells which make up membranous linings of the abdomen and chest. The mesothelium, the tissue that consists of these type of cells, safeguards the organs with a lubricating liquid that permits the organs to move more easily.

Severe Respiratory Pain

Asbestos-exposed workers commonly experience mesothelioma in the pleura or peritoneal areas. The pleura is a membrane of the lungs while the peritoneum is the lining of the abdomen. In many cases, mesothelioma leads to severe respiratory distress. Three common types of mesothelioma may develop. However, regardless of the type, they all lead to the same fatal results.

Why Removal Is Important

The symptoms of the disease are often not noticed until a diagnosis is made. That is because it can take a couple of decades for a condition to develop. When it does occur, the affected person usually has about six months to live. That is why asbestos removal is taken seriously. This type of hazard cannot be blithely overlooked.

Where to Find Out Further Information

To learn more about this building material and its removal, visit online. Both testing and removal are imperative, especially if you suspect a problem or you plan to renovate an older house or building.

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