Recycling Centers In Connecticut, Are Environmentally Green And Can Put Green Into Your Pocket.

For almost 80 years, the Calamari Recycling Co Inc located in Essex, Connecticut, has been “green” before green was a thing. Two brothers started a business of buying scrap metal from individuals and manufactures. Turning the recycled metal into raw materials, it was then sold and shipped down the Thames River. Eventually, they moved inland near the next best form of available transportation, the railroad system. Staying there until a neighboring corporation purchased their property in 1998, they relocated the company one final time to Dump Road, in Essex. Three generations of Calamari men have run the business over the years, making it one of the top Recycling Centers CT. Click here for more information.

It does not matter if you have cleaned out your basement, workshop or shed, the scrap metal currently laying around your home can be turned into cash. Stainless steel, copper, aluminum or brass are highly sought after metals. You can rest assured, that you will get top dollar for your scrap. You will be given the fair market value, based on the current prices. The market for salvaged metals has risen and fallen with the economy. Through it all, Calamari Recycling has remained. Their Recycling Centers CT are prepared to handle small quantities of scrap metals from individuals, to large deconstruction projects.

From small amounts of scrap metal unloaded from the trunk of your car, to providing roll-off containers for larger projects, they are ready to serve. When you are dropping off your scrap metal, you will be happy to know, that no matter what time of year you pull in, you will drop off your materials while protected from the elements. Easy in, easy out, their process is quick, efficient and friendly. Keeping metals out of landfills, and reusing the materials is environmentally friendly, and can bring extra income back into your business, or your personal bank account.

For years, the green movement has been growing, many Recycling Centers CT have opened. People are becoming aware of the importance of not wasting precious materials, keeping them out of landfills, and protecting the environment. Long before it was popular, scrap metals have been collected and turned back into raw materials to be reused. Over time, that practice has not only grown in popularity, but it has also become financially lucrative. The Calamari Brothers had a vision that has survived for three generations. Recycling scrap metal made sense in 1935 and it still does today. Visit for more details.

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