Reasons to Hire Professional Garage Door Repair in St. Petersburg, FL

When a garage door breaks, it’s tempting for homeowners to try to make repairs themselves. Sure, do-it-yourself repairs save money, but at what cost? Homeowners don’t have the same tools or expertise that professionals have, which can end up making repairs go wrong quickly.

Check out the following reasons why professional garage door repair in St. Petersburg, FL, is always the better option.


Some garage door repairs like replacing broken springs or installing new panels can be downright dangerous for inexperienced homeowners to attempt. Garage doors are heavy and can fall on a person when they’re unsupported. Springs are wound tight and can snap causing bodily injury and even death.

Hiring professionals to make these repairs ensures the safety of everyone involved. Risking one’s safety is not worth saving a few bucks.

Labor and Parts Guarantee

When garage door repair in St. Petersburg, FL, is done by professionals, all parts and labor are guaranteed. Manufacturer warranties are protected and homeowners have peace of mind that they’re garage doors work as expected. If a problem does pop up, they know who to call to come out and fix out the problem.

How to Find Great Garage Door Services

Homeowners seeking repair, replacement, or maintenance services should work with local services who have a reputation for quality work and commitment to excellent customer service. To learn more about garage door repair service in the St. Petersburgh area, homeowners should contact Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay at

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