Reasons to Buy and Use Wholesale Concession Products and Supplies

During the busy summer season, you can make a lucrative living while running a waterside business. People who come to the lake or ocean to swim, fish and otherwise enjoy the water inevitably end up buying food and drinks. By running a concession stand near the waterfront, you can entice customers with your menu and earn enough money to possibly live on the rest of the year. One item that you might want to consider selling is corn dog sticks because you can cook them quickly and make money too.

However, your ability to make good money depends on keeping your costs low. You can save as much money as possible by purchasing corn dog sticks wholesale rather than at big box or specialty retailers.

Keeping Your Overhead Costs Low

When you buy corn dog sticks wholesale, you cut out the middleman that you would otherwise have to pay if you bought them at a retailer. The wholesaler sells them to you for the same price for which he bought the sticks. You avoid markups that can take away from your profits.

The money that you spend on the corn dog sticks also will be considerably less than what you would have paid at a big box retailer or a specialty store. You can use those savings to put in your own pocket or put back into your business.


The fact that the sticks are wholesale does not detract from their quality. In fact, they are just as serviceable as those that you can get at warehouses and big box stores. They are the same length and width that you would expect to get with a corn dog.

The quality also means that you can retain business from your customers. They will not have the need to complain about the sticks that you use.

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