Reasons Preseason Maintenance is Important for Air Conditioning in Bellevue

Making sure the air cooling system in your home is working at its best can be very important once summer begins and temperatures are on the rise. However, if you wait until summer to have the unit checked you may find it difficult to schedule a technician to come out when it is convenient for you or members of your household. In addition, if you do not have the unit checked and wait until it stops working, you may find yourself having to endure hot temperatures while waiting for the unit to be repaired. One way you can avoid these types of predicaments is by having your air conditioning in Bellevue inspected and maintained in the early part of spring.

Air conditioning systems need to be cleaned and inspected on a yearly basis. Most units attract a good amount of dirt, hair and other matter around the blower unit of the system. If this dirt is not cleared out, it will continue to build and will eventually cause the unit to stop functioning effectively or efficiently. In addition, if they filter is not cleaned or replaced regularly the unit will not be able to produce cool air into the house and this can make the members of the home very uncomfortable. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent this.

When a technician comes to inspect your air conditioning in Bellevue, he or she will first begin cleaning out the dirt and other matter from the system. This will not only allow air to circulate freely but it can make it possible for the technician to see the other components on the system.

A technician will be looking at the motor on the blower to make sure the wires are in good condition and the connections are tight. The motor will be inspected for signs of burning or other issues. If there is an oil port on the motor, oil will be added to keep the bearings lubricated. The fan belt and fan attached to the motor will also be inspected for any signs of damage.

Keeping your air conditioning system in good working order is the best way to prevent repair issues in the months of summer. For more information about preseason maintenance, please contact an air conditioning service company for more information.

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