Questions to Ask about SIP Trunking Pricing

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Communications

If your company is looking to eliminate costs and the wires lying around your office, chances are you are looking into SIP, or session initiated protocol, trunking. This is also known as VoIP, which is the method of carrying your calls over an Internet connection rather than a phone line. This method of using your Internet connection to make phone calls can increase your efficiency, as well as save your company money. Because every package at every company is different, knowing what questions to ask regarding SIP trunking pricing will help you get the best pricing available.

Number of Calls

The number of calls you have going on at the same time at any given point in the day is a crucial part in determining the package you need. Each package has a maximum number of simultaneous phone calls that can be made and has a bearing on your SIP trunking pricing. There is a major difference between needing five and 25 simultaneous phone calls. Take the time to determine how many you will need now, as well as in the future to allow for expansion.


The bandwidth of your Internet connection has a major bearing on how successful your SIP runs. Most SIP providers dictate you need between 50 and 90 Kbps for each call you need to make. If your bandwidth is not sufficient enough, you might be able to make your phone calls, but your other features, such as voicemail or any other type of messaging, will suffer. If you need to increase your Internet’s bandwidth, factor that into the price of your SIP service.


When you are comparing various SIP trunking pricing, take into consideration the quality each provider offers. If one provider insists their system only works if you obtain your Internet bandwidth from them as well so they have full control over the entire process, you need to take that into consideration. Other companies will not require you to purchase your Internet service from them, reassuring you that the quality of their SIP trunking works with all Internet connections as long as you have the appropriate bandwidth.

Because there are so many companies that offer Internet phone service, it pays to shop around to find the standard SIP trunking pricing for your company. Take into consideration all the factors you require, along with the quality they will provide, to help you effectively choose the right service for your company.

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