Questions About Regenerative Medicine in Clemson, SC

Regenerative medicine in Clemson, SC, is the next step in treating and curing certain illnesses and ailments in individuals. It may also assist others in living longer with chronic conditions that were formerly fatal only a few years ago.

This emerging field of medicine involves the creation of live tissue that may be used to repair or replace any damaged and/or missing tissues or organs. The science of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering has enormous potential, yet it remains a mystery to many individuals who are curious about how it works.

What Is It?

Regenerative medicine in Clemson SC, is the study of replacing, altering, or regenerating human cells. This involves stem cell transplants or treatment and the development of tissues to replace bodily tissue that has been killed, injured, or is missing, all with the goal of restoring biological function as closely as possible to normal. It’s a new discipline of medicine and science that has the potential to transform how doctors handle certain medical conditions.

How Does It Work?

Cells are viewed as building components by scientists. When something breaks down or is destroyed, the building blocks are harmed, and the tissue or organ may no longer be able to function effectively. Tissue engineering allows scientists to regenerate such basic blocks using stem cells. Once these therapies have been refined and proven to be effective, clinicians learn how to utilize them and employ them in their own practice once they have been FDA-approved.

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