Puppy Care Tips from Your Local Pet Clinic in Honolulu

Adopting a puppy is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life, especially if you’re a child. However, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Taking care of a puppy is hard work and it could get frustrating at some points. The most important thing to remember is that there are tips out there to help you. In fact, your local Pet Clinic in Honolulu may have plenty that you can use.

Brushing and bathing

Regular brushing is essential for young dogs, as it not only removes dead hair, dirt and parasites, but also stimulates the blood supply to the skin, which results in a healthier, shinier coat. Brushing is a pleasant experience and will help the puppy quickly learn to sit still or sit quietly, something that will also help when you when visiting the Pet Clinic in Honolulu. Use special equipment for brushing the dog, not an old brush with spikes. Your local pet shop can advise you on which best suits your dog, by breed.

As for bathing, do it only when needed. Too many washes can remove essential oils from the skin, making the skin dull and less waterproof. To bathe, use the bathtub or an outside tub, some warm water and a quality shampoo. Rub the scalp as you pour water on it. Gently pour the shampoo and rinse it. Then wash their head, trying not to get water in the eyes and ears. Rinse it well and rub briskly with a towel. In fine weather, you can leave them out to dry; otherwise dry coat in a warm place. For more tips, contact your local Pet Clinic in Honolulu.

Teething and chewing

To help out their teeth, ensuring the puppy stops biting the furniture, your puppy will need some indestructible object such as a rubber bone or a ball to chew on. Make sure these products are sized to not be swallowed. Your local Pet Clinic in Honolulu says to avoid real bones as they can splinter. Play with your dog: once they start biting into a ‘forbidden’ object, firmly saying ‘No’. Remember to congratulate when they chew their own toy. Want to know more? Contact your animal hospital for more information.

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