Protect Your Lawn and Foundation With Help From a Drainage Contractor in Connecticut

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Your lawn is more than just a place to grow grass. In fact, a yard can be a lot of trouble if it isn’t well designed. This is especially true during rainy seasons if the property doesn’t drain properly. Irregular drainage can lead to serious problems with building foundations, retaining walls and other hardscape features. A Drainage Contractor in Connecticut can remedy this situation by shaping the lawn so that the rain sheds away from the buildings and your valuable plants.

If you plan to have a water feature on your property, then a Drainage Contractor in Connecticut may be in your future. Even a small pond can be ruined by improper drainage or water runoff. The contractor can help by surveying the property and determining how water will flow during storms. This will determine the best place to put your water feature and how large it should be. Even a fountain or other water based installation will need proper landscaping to support it correctly.

Drainage control is one of the most important parts of lawn design. A poorly designed drainage system can cause water to seep under the home’s foundation resulting in very expensive repairs. Excess water can wash out the soil under the foundation causing the weight of the home to shift the building. This results in cracks in the walls or separations between supporting structures. Even when repairs are made to the foundation, the problem isn’t actually fixed. It will take a Drainage Contractor to repair things right.

Drainage control is a matter of water shed. In other words, the water must drain away from any buildings that are on foundations or away from any retaining structures. The contractors like The FEB Companies handle this by creating an elevation that gradually slopes away from the buildings. In some cases, they may need to remove soil so water drains where it is supposed to. In very rare cases, they may be required to use ditches or channels to carry the water away. Every property is different and the only way to know what yours will need is to contact an expert in drainage control and have them check the place out.

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