Professional Painters – Remodel Your Home’s Living Spaces with New Paint

Are you ready for a bit of a new color? Perhaps you are tired of seeing the smudges on the wall and fingerprints along the doors. Our team can help you. As one of the leading painting companies in the area, we are happy to come to you, provide you with a full consultation, offer some advice, and help you to transform your living spaces into an area you simply love being spending time in. As your painting contractor, we also discuss options for a variety of needs beyond just painting your walls for you.

Selecting the Best Solutions for Your Home

A key component of the painting and decorating business we offer is providing one-on-one insight and guidance to you. At Marc Poulos Painting & Decorating, our team can offer color consultations to help you choose the best type of paint for your space. We can also help you select paint to open up the space to make it look larger. We can also talk about paint that does not show those fingerprints and is easy to clean and maintain. As no-hassle painting services providers, you can count on each member of our team helping with drywall repair, trim work, and any detail work you need us to tackle.

Ready for some paint? If so, call our painting contractor to discuss your needs. Not all painting companies are the same. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best end result with superior workmanship. And, we can help you to transform your living space with new paint, fresh-looking walls, and impressive details. We serve homes in Chicago, IL and Mt. Prospect, IL. Contact our team to learn more about the difference professional painters make when freshening up your living spaces.

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