Prevent Catastrophic Water Damage – Let a Roofing Company in San Antonio Inspect Your Roof

A leaky roof can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to a house as the unwanted water finds a path to the ground. When the leak is near a wall, the first sign is often a wet streak running down the vertical surface. This, however, is the least of the problems that are actually being caused. The floor will begin to rot due to the near-constant moisture, and if the house has more than one story, the ceilings of the lower rooms will also begin to rot. Some materials will even start to dissolve and fall away in chunks.

Even with all of these problems that result from ignored roof leaks, the most expensive one of all is the one that’s the hardest to see: The roof deck. The roof deck is what your shingles are attached to, and if it rots, it will have to be repaired with new wood or even entirely replaced. Since it is covered with shingles, water that leaks underneath that shingle barrier will not be able to quickly evaporate. Alas, it can take years for deck rot to become obvious from inside the home. One day, however, deck rot will cause what was once a little leak to suddenly become an indoor rain shower. View website for more details.

As you can see, it’s well worth it to let a roofer come and inspect your roof on a regular basis. Thousands of dollars’ worth of damage can be prevented by an inspection followed by fast action by a Roofing Company San Antonio. In fact, if caught early, most problems can be fixed before they even have a chance to cause leaks. A weakening connection between a chimney and the roof, a shingle that’s coming loose, or even a tree branch that has begun to rub on the roof can all be taken care of quite easily if they are noticed in time.

Alas, this lesson is often learned after it is already too late to save an existing roof. If that has happened to you, you’ll need more extensive repairs or even a new roof from a Roofing Company San Antonio. Once the job is completed, you should have a roof that’ll last for decades.

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