Prepare Students Socially and Emotionally with SEL Lessons That Work

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Career and Education

Today’s students operate in a different world than students a couple of decades ago. Social pressures present challenges that leave many young people struggling with mental health. It is critical that today’s educational environment go beyond necessary academic subjects to address social-emotional learning (SEL). Help your students increase fortitude and self-assurance to decrease anxiety and depression.

What Is SEL?

Social-emotional learning is essential to education and human development. Through SEL lessons, young people and adults learn to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for healthy identities. They also establish and maintain supportive relationships and are better able to make responsible and empathetic decisions. Using a daily progressive approach of bite-sized lessons, students cover these core concepts:

  • Self-identity: Student learns about self in order to make effective personal changes and improve quality of life.
  • Making Personal Change: Student creates personal change by mastering strategies for habit change, including increasing internal motivation.
  • Inner Coach: Student improves their ability to get through difficult challenges by using realistic self-talk and tuning out distractions.
  • Emotional Regulation: Student learns and successfully implements strategies to manage the power emotions have over their tasks, habits and goals.
  • Community: Student learns to identify community of support and make more meaningful connections.

Mental health issues among students are rising at disturbing rates. Many feel stuck. Effective SEL lessons can help students get unstuck.

The Four Pillars

Schools should implement evidence-based strategies that are proven to help discouraged students gain confidence, resilience, persistence, and success. These four essential pillars, which define EmpowerU’s approach, are needed for students to master resilience skills.

  • 1:1 Personalized Support
  • Daily Engaging Content
  • Comprehensive and Robust Concepts
  • Accessible and Equitable Approach

They also guide students to internalize effective strategies that students can easily recall and apply when they face stressful and difficult situations that life inevitably brings.

The Programs

EmpowerU partners with schools to engage students as active participants in their wellness journey. Their evidence-based Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs for students in kindergarten and beyond are highly customized to the individual social-emotional and mental health goals and challenges of each student. Moreover, EmpowerU’s turnkey SEL curriculum and interventions do not require hiring additional staff to implement.

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