Physical Exams and Vaccinations in Charleston WV Keep Workers Safe

Occupational health care is a part of the health care industry focused on keeping people at work. Occupational health clinics are also familiar with worker’s compensation laws. Most occupational health clinics provide DOT and general physicals, drug testing, and Vaccinations in Charleston WV. Most of time the results of any tests are delivered quickly. These physical are performed by a certified medical examiner and the office has a medical records officer on staff to ensure compliance with HIPPA.

Physicals can help ensure employees are capable of performing a new job, staying on the job, or returning to the job. Physicals include eye and ear exams, an assessment of vitals (i.e. pulse count, blood pressure, height, weight, and temperature). Athletes and coaches can also get their physicals at occupational health clinics. In addition to being necessary for some forms of employment or admittance to athletic activity, physical exams are important to keeping tabs on one’s health. Regularly monitoring pulse and blood pressure can identify hypertension before it gets out of hand.

Many physical exams include lab work, such as blood and urine testing; this includes drug test since many employers now require pre-employment screening and random screening while employed. The lab results for drug tests can be emailed or placed on a CD. Most occupational health clinics also have labs on site staffed with certified phlebotomists, collectors and technicians. Related to blood and urine testing is Breath Alcohol testing, which tests the concentration of alcohol in the blood. These technicians are also capable of performing this test when needed. Vaccinations in Charleston WV can be provided as well. Vaccinations are vital to employee health it can be as simple as the flu shot, but for some industries (teaching or health care) the MMR or TB vaccines are required.

An occupational health clinic can be used by many people such as: DOT personnel, teachers, coaches, athletes, safety managers, risk managers and human resource managers. Physicals help an individual monitor personal health while employers can help ensure an employee’s fitness for the job. Getting Vaccinations can help keep employees, in high risk professions, safe from contracting illnesses.

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