Pest Control Services in Bricks NJ To Remove Honey Bees

When a honey bee hive is noticed on a residential property, steps will need to be taken to have it removed without putting those in the area at risk of an injury. Most people will use Pest Control Services in Bricks NJ to remove bees from their property. If someone decides to undertake the project on their own, the following steps should be followed to help to keep safe during the process.

Wear Light Colors Around The Hive

It is important to refrain from wearing clothing in bright colors when spending time in the area where a beehive is located. Beekeepers tend to stick to white clothing as this will keep bees docile as they are being handled. Bright colors will agitate bees as they will remind them of flowers they use for pollination purposes. It is best to cover the face with netting so the skin is not exposed to bees when trying to apply a pesticide. Long sleeves and pants should also be worn.

Tend To Bees Before Daylight

Honey bees will retreat to their hive when the sun goes down. For this reason, it is best to battle their presence during a time when it is still dark outside. Applying a bee pesticide to the hive right before the sun rises will ensure the maximum number of hive inhabitants will be nestled inside.

Use The Right Product For The Job

It is best to read all pesticide directions before usage. Determine the number of feet a spray will reach before utilizing the spray to ensure it will hit the target the first time the trigger is pulled. The person using the spray should stand in an area where they can retreat to the indoors as quickly as possible to minimize the chance of getting stung when bees emerge from the hive.

If there is a need to contact a business that provides Pest Control Services in Bricks NJ, finding one that will come to the property right away is desirable. Take a look at a website like Visit Dynamic Pest Control to find out more about the services offered and to make an appointment for service.

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