Pediatric Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama

Dental care should begin when children are still infants. They don’t need to have teeth for parents to begin dental care. Cleaning the gums is important, as well as making sure babies don’t go to sleep with milk or sugary drinks that can lead to eventual tooth decay. Once teeth start coming in, parents need to start cleaning them with a soft tooth brush that is made specifically for infants. Contact Dr. Michael S. Anglin.

Many parents opt to take their children to someone who specializes in pediatric dentistry in Birmingham, AL. This is because this is a dentist who has had special training for working with children, and understands the various dental issues, and fears, children can have. There is a huge difference in dealing with children than adults, and the right pediatric dentist can alleviate a child’s fears and help teach them about proper dental hygiene in a way that they can easily understand.

There is a lot more to pediatric dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama than just dental work. For instance, dentists will counsel parents about proper dental care for children at all stages of their growth. They can offer advice about bad habits that lead to dental problems, including thumb sucking and improper diets. Sucking the thumb can lead to misaligned teeth, and even premature loss of baby teeth. If children don’t have the right diet, they can end up with a lot of dental issues, including tooth decay.

Obviously, pediatric dentists take care of a lot of dental issues. Children who are into sports often visit with chipped or broken teeth, which dentists will assess and provide proper treatment based on the nature of the injury and the amount of damage. Dentists offer fluoride treatments for children, as well as regular dental cleanings.

It is important for children to have regular dental visits from the time they are toddlers. This will help to keep their teeth healthy, and let the dentist know if there are any issues. Early detection of dental problems can go a long way in saving teeth. For more information about dental services for children, Click here for more details.

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