One Stop Shopping Center for Made to Measure Dresses – Thayari

There are times when buying fabrics and sewing Made to Measure Dresses are much cheaper than buying ready-made dresses. Moreover, you get to choose from a large variety of designs, colors and clothing materials. Compared to buying a ready-made dress, which is made of pure silk or cotton with an intricate design, buying a pure cotton or silk fabric with an equally beautiful design and transforming it into a set of blouse and skirt or a lovely dress is indeed much less costly.

Nowadays, there is a great opportunity for you to choose an exquisite fabric like a Chanderi self-embossed saree with a contrasting plain border or an eye-catching 3D Kota Kalamkari saree with a lace border. All you have to do is visit a specific one stop online shopping center for women, men, boys and girls. Perhaps, you might be thinking why you would want a saree for. A saree is actually a rectangular piece of clothing material that measures two to four feet in length and two to nine yards in breadth.

So you can use it for making any customized long dress, long sleeved blouse, pleated skirt, you name it. Normally, this material is used for making female clothing because of its intricate patterns of nature or Indian epic stories. But that is not the only thing you can do with a saree. If you were to buy an intricately designed saree of a floral pattern, you can use it as a hanging to adorn your living room or even dining room.

Another option is to put it over your lovely leather sofa to give the living room a touch of elegance or opulence, something that you might want to do for a special party at your home. A beautifully printed silk saree might also make a wonderful gift for anyone. But if your focus is on wanting lovely clothes for your entire family, don’t worry. A cotton or silk saree is still a good choice for making a shirt, a blouse, a dress or any other clothing for the whole family. The secret lies in choosing the right fabric for men or boys.

But if the idea of choosing a saree fabric for males puts you off, just check out Thayari, the one stop online shopping center for made to measure dresses. Choose whatever fabrics you want for your entire family, design the clothes your heart desires and customize them so that they fit each and every one of you. Just take down each person’s measurements and inform the sites person in charge so that he can create the perfect fit for you or your family member.

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