Oil Change Basics In Wilkes Barre PA

Whether you are a brand new car owner or an old hand, knowing how to take care of your car is important if you want to get the most out of your vehicle. Part of this process involves knowing when to schedule regular maintenance. Getting new tires, changing filters, and keeping your fluid levels should all be part of your regular maintenance routine. So should an oil change in Wilkes Barre PA. Changing the oil on a regular basis directly affects your car’s performance and lifespan, preventing costly repairs or accidents. Here’s a handy guide to help you understand how often this should be done and what factors affect oil changes.

The owner’s manual of your vehicle will usually provide some guidance about when to have an oil change in Wilkes Barre PA, so read this information first to form the basis of your maintenance schedule. Many manufacturers include two guidelines in their manuals about oil changes: instructions for vehicles in regular conditions and instructions for vehicles subject to more extreme conditions. On average, your owner’s manual will likely suggest that you can change your oil roughly every 7500 miles in normal conditions but every 3000 miles in more severe conditions. Because the longer period of time is usually calculated with ideal conditions in mind, it may be safer to follow the smaller period of time to stay on the safe side.

The next thing to do is to consider how you use your vehicle. If your vehicle is lightly used, that is, you don’t drive it often, for very long distances, or in hot or cold weather, then you may be able to get away with waiting a little longer between oil changes. However, if you often drive in extreme weather, sit through stop and go traffic routinely, or tow items with your vehicle, then more frequent oil changes may be in order. Also keep in mind that as your vehicle ages, an oil change in Wilkes Barre PA will probably be needed more often. The older the vehicle gets, the more parts become soiled from use and lose some of their capability to perform at optimum levels. This means that the oil in an older vehicle becomes increasingly prone to contamination and should therefore be changed more often to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly and for longer. Taking care of your vehicle this way can help you get the most miles out of an older car.

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