Neglecting To Take Mild Hearing Loss Seriously

If you are like most people, you associate hearing loss with quiet sounds or sounds that do not seem loud enough. In reality, hearing loss is associated with two key factors. These include loudness as well as clarity. In general, hearing loss initially occurs in relation to high pitched sounds. This is where the most crucial speech sounds occur. If you experience mild hearing loss, you will likely feel that friends and family do not speak loud enough, or that they don’t speak as clearly as they used to.

You may be a bit surprised to find out that the term “mild hearing loss” is actually a technical term. Health care professionals use this term to define loss of hearing that occurs between 29 and 40 decibels within the frequencies of speech, and often treat this condition with Hearing Aids in Pittsburgh PA. Unfortunately, you may assume that if you experience mild hearing loss your hearing loss is not a serious concern. You will likely believe that there is no need to take action or to do anything about it. This assumption is a common first mistake that commonly results in an ongoing cycle of unaddressed and untreated hearing loss.

If you suffer from mild hearing loss, you are likely missing from 25% to 40% of speech sounds. The percentage of sound that you do not hear is affected by various factors such as environmental noise level, the distance between you and the speaker, how loud the speaker is speaking and the degree of your mild hearing loss in general. If you have mild hearing loss, speech confusion under such circumstances is very likely. You may also lose your ability to hear selectively. This means it may be difficult for you suppress background noise in order to filter out the sounds of speech. In a healthy ear, this is done automatically. In the ear of someone with mild hearing loss, this function is often impaired.

While it is common to assume otherwise, those with mild hearing loss often represent the optimum candidates for the use of Hearing Aids in Pittsburgh PA. In such cases, well fitted Hearing aids in Pittsburgh PA often have the ability to provide greater clarity of speech. This is the result of higher pitched sounds being perceived when they otherwise would not be.

If you experience mild hearing loss, it is easy to become accustomed to distorted hearing. Hearing Aids in Pennsylvania PA can improve your hearing and make speech sounds more audible. Never assume Hearing Aids in Pittsburgh PA will not be of benefit to your daily functioning just because your hearing loss is mild.

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