Moving to a New Location? Hire a Commercial Moving Service in Federal Way, WA

It’s exciting for a business to grow and need bigger office space. It’s less exciting to figure out how to move the office. Employees were not hired because they are strong and know how to pack fragile business equipment. Business owners also don’t want employees moving heavy office furniture and injuring themselves. This will lead to a slew of workers’ compensation cases to deal with. If the business is growing, then employees are probably too busy to help with the move. After considering these personnel issues, the business owner decides to hire a Commercial Moving Service in Federal Way WA.

A company representative will visit the company to learn the scope of the move. He will list all of the heavy office machinery that will need special crates and boxes. This includes large copiers and water coolers, as well as personal computers. He will also note the number of desks, chairs, bookcases, and other office furniture. The business owner may want employees to pack up their papers and files. If this is the case, the project manager will ensure that they have the proper boxes and packing materials. He will also make sure that they label the boxes, so that they are delivered to the right location. Everything else will be packed by professional movers. They will know how to properly pack the paintings and sculptures that decorate the public spaces, as well as the traditional business furniture and supplies.

The Commercial Moving Service in Federal Way WA will have enough movers to quickly pack up the office and transport it to the vans. Clean vans will arrive on schedule. The project manager and business owner will do a final inspection of the building to ensure that nothing is left behind. The project manager will then meet the vans at the new location. The movers will bring all of the furniture and equipment to the new offices and put them in the right location. They will unpack all of the boxes and put the items away. This is the fastest way for a business to get back to normal. Hiring professional movers lets employees concentrate on their core business and not the move.

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