Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes

If you are a man and you hike you should have men’s waterproof hiking shoes on your feet. The danger of walking with wet feet in cold terrain is serious and so is walking with wet feet in warmer climates. The reality is wet feet and hiking is just not a good coupling.


One of the quickest ways to speed up frostbite is to get your feet wet in the cold. Many people mistakenly believe that frostbite can only set in, in extreme cold temperatures. Frostbite is a real threat if your feet are wet and the temperature is around 40 degrees with no wind and you are unable to dry your feet in 30 minutes you can get frostbite! The best thing to do if your feet are wet and the temperature is dropping is to keep moving, stopping can speed up the process.

Trench Foot

Trench foot gets it name from the soldiers that were stuck in the trenches during WWI. There feet got wet and they could not get them dry. One of the causes of trench foot is standing in wet socks and shoes over a period. It is a serious condition that can happen in any climate and can result in a foot amputation. It can affect all of part of your foot and the damages can be severe!

Avoid the Problem

You can take steps to avoid foot problems on the trail by buying men’s waterproof hiking shoes to keep your feet dry in every condition. Nord Trail offers a large selection of hiking footwear that are designed to keep your feet safe and comfortable in every condition. Avoiding problems on the trail starts with being prepared for every situation on the trail. Get the right footwear and enjoy the journey!

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