Meaningful Wedding Flowers in Ankeny

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Flowers

There are many reasons why flowers came to be a traditional wedding decoration. The earliest weddings were less concerned with appearance and more about warding off evil and even insects. Some were used in the beginning because their appealing scent was more acceptable than the “earthy” scent of the participants and guests.

Luckily today they are chosen because they are beautiful, romantic and colorful. But if you are looking to choose a floral theme that includes more than just a particular color scheme, many flowers still have deep meanings.


Carnations are popular because they are beautiful and strong with amazing versatility. Their meaning overall is typically considered to be either the flower of love or the flower of the Gods. They are available in a rainbow of vibrant colors. Depending on the message you wish to evoke there is pink for gratitude, yellow for happiness or cheer and white as the choice of remembrance.


Ivy is often seen as a symbol of fidelity and as a symbol of eternal life. Its beautiful dark green shades and delicate leaves make it a lovely accent in wedding displays.


Passionate love is symbolized no clearer than with the elegant red rose. Possibly the most popular flower in the country it is the first choice for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and weddings for many. The symbol of the goddess of love in mythology, it was included in even the earliest of wedding ceremonies. Combining red and white roses is considered a sign of unity, perfect for a luxurious wedding bouquet.

If you want to make your wedding flowers more than just a simple decoration discovering the meaning of them is the way to begin. Once you know what you want, you need to find a talented florist who can create the displays of your dreams.

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