Make your move calm, cool and collected

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Moving and Relocating, Transportation

It has often been said that next to a death in the family, moving is the most stressful experience that many people have endured. Although there is little dispute as to the stress level, it is possible to take some action that can come close to making the move a pleasant experience, one which will allow you time to look forward to arriving in your new environment, ready to face the challenges of establishing a new residence.


Once you know you are going to be faced with a move, don’t sit around and wait until the last minute to begin with preparations. Professional movers in NYC will be the first to tell you that a minimum of eight weeks is needed to do your part right.


Sit down well before the move and make a complete list of everything that has to be done and attended to. Separate all these tasks into weeks and then take them one week at a time. By leaving plenty of time, the demands of any given week are not all that pressing, but as you are perfectly prepared, you know everything that has to be done, will be done.


When you have hired professional movers in NYC to carry out the packing and moving remember one thing; the more you move the more it will cost. Make the upcoming move an opportunity to get rid of things that you have around the house but have no use or have not been used for years. Do not wait until you get to the other end to junk these items, do it first and save the money.

Get help:

Do not be afraid to ask friends and family to help you. Even you are handling things well yourself, if you are making a long distance move this may be the last time you get to spend some quality time with your soon to be “old” friends.

Treat yourself:

Once everything is under control take time to enjoy;professional movers in NYC the long hours, sleepless nights and junk food diet can wear you down. Now is the ideal time to ask friends to join you for dinner in a favorite restaurant, treat yourself to a spa afternoon or take in a movie.

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