Make Your Mobile Portable Bars Stand Out

Whether you use your mobile portable bars once or twice a year to host a company party or get together or if you use them every week for a trade show, to entertain clients or to celebrate success with your staff you want your bar or bars to look uniquely your own. There are companies that specialize in adding the custom touches to mobile portable bars that make them distinctly your own in just the colors, styles and branding features that you want.

Many businesses fail to take advantage of the advertising and branding opportunities that are available with mobile portable bars. You don’t have to choose something extreme; it can be very subtle and still remind people about your company, your brand and your products.

Color Schemes

With some companies offering mobile portable bars you are very limited in your color schemes and design choices. You have the option of one or two colors of frames and perhaps a handful of colors for the front and size panels. When it comes to the counter area you may have two or more choices, but your bar will largely look like all the rest produced by the company.

However, top companies offering mobile portable bars don’t limit your options. You can choose from multiple standard colors for frames, panels and counters but you can also create your own custom looks. This includes everything from uploading your brand, company logo or company name and superimposing it on an image or having it as the central message in your design. You can mix and match from dozens of options and upgrade to a variety of different counter options and additional features.

Lighting Enhances Appearance

Another way to make your mobile portable bars look different from the rest is to choose a company that includes LED lighting in their package. These lights, which can be multicolored and controlled by a remote, allow you to add that finishing touch that really makes the mobile portable bars stand out items.

The lighting really does add that extra touch. Under the counter lighting allows the staff to easily see to pour and mix drinks or prepare catered items while the decorative lights help to add to the colors and theme of the event. Since the lighting is all contained on the mobile portable bars it is easy to use, always available, and a great way to personalize your event.

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