Make Sure Your Home is ready for Summer With Air Conditioning in Palm Harbor

Keeping your home cool during those hot days of the year can be a daunting task when you live in the Palm Harbor area. This is true not only because of the exceptional number of warm days that this area experiences, but because there are so many choices available for Air conditioning in Palm Harbor. Some of these possible solutions are simple appliances designed to fit in windows. Unfortunately, portable window air conditioners aren’t very efficient and often fail to cool more than a small portion of the home. This is mainly due to their design which keeps them limited to single room usage.

The better choice for Palm Harbor Air conditioning & Cooling is what is generally known as central air or forced air. This is actually an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system which is installed inside the home and uses a series of air ducts to transfer the treated air to any desired rooms. However, this machine actually comes in several parts with one of those components being placed outside. This part of the HVAC is the condensing unit which is used to move the refrigerant through the A/C. As part of the process the condenser also has a cooling fan that helps release any acquired heat from the refrigerant as it exits the home.

The rest of the machinery is in another cabinet that is usually installed in an attic or specially made closet. This part of the HVAC holds an evaporator coil that collects heat as the refrigerant is pushed through it. This collection process actually chills the coil and a blower then circulates air through the coil and into the home.

The other half of the HVAC is a furnace system useful for heating the home on cold nights or during the winter. For the furnace to operate it must heat air inside an air exchange so the blower can force the warmed air through the home. The source of heat is either a gas burner or electric resistance and will depend on how your home is designed. For example, if your home is all electric then your HVAC furnace should be electric as well. You can discover more about HVAC system by contacting an expert such as Airprompt Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

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