Lifestyle Changes To Prevent And Cure Hemorrhoids

While some people experience very painful hemorrhoids that continue to become progressively worse and last for weeks, months or even years, other people may have hemorrhoids that seem to simply disappear. While it may appear they have found a way to cure hemorrhoids it is more likely that the hemorrhoids were not severe in the first place.

Most adults over the age of 50, as well as most pregnant women, will experience hemorrhoids at least once in their life. However, the vast majority don’t need to go to a doctor to cure hemorrhoids. For some people it is a very temporary condition caused by sudden or acute constipation or diarrhea that simply resolves itself when the digestive system returns to normal.

Many pregnant women seem to experience a natural cure after the child is born. The body simply adjusts back to normal without the additional weight and downward pressure of the baby and the birth itself seem to cure hemorrhoids.

Diet Changes to Cure Hemorrhoids

Many people are relieved to discover that the best way to cure hemorrhoids, at least when they are low grade and have very few symptoms, is to simply eat a more fiber filled diet. This means adding extra servings of fruit and vegetables and perhaps adding a daily natural fiber supplement.

When the diet has more fiber the stool is softer and bowel movements require less straining and pressure. This in turn helps to minimize the risk of developing or irritating the hemorrhoids.

Increase Water and Exercise

Another easy way to prevent and cure mild cases of hemorrhoids is to continue to increase your water intake to at least eight full glasses a day. Water is a natural lubricant for the digestive system and aids in moving waste material through the system.

Exercise can also be an effective cure for hemorrhoids when combined with other lifestyle choices. Low impact and moderate intensity exercises such as walking, hiking, dancing and swimming are all great ways to get our entire body moving and functioning optimally.

While these changes will not cure hemorrhoids that are advanced, have clots or are prolapsed they can help with the milder or lower grade types of hemorrhoids.

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