Learn More About Implant Dentistry in Clayton

Many people these days are suffering from missing some of their natural teeth. Whether due to infections, cavities or gum disease, having missing teeth can cause many issues. People who do not have some of their natural teeth often find it difficult to eat the foods they once were able to enjoy. Missing teeth can also lead to you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. If you are facing these issues, there is Implant Dentistry in Clayton. Through dental implants, missing teeth can be permanently replaced.

To receive implants, you must first come in for a consultation appointment. Consulting with the dentist will ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure. It is imperative your gum tissue is healthy and you are not suffering from any major dental issues. The first part of the procedure will involve the placement of the metal anchors that will later hold the artificial teeth in place.

Metal anchors are crafted from titanium, which is the only metal that is able to bond with the bone. These anchors are placed down into the jawbone so they become one with the bone. Once each is in place, it normally takes around three to six months for bonding to take place.

Once the bonding process is complete, you will need to come back into the dentist so your implant teeth can be put in place. Each tooth connects over the top of its supporting anchor and completely covers the metal. This ensures your new teeth will look and perform naturally so you no longer have trouble eating or have to feel embarrassed about the appearance of your smile.

As long as you take proper care of your new implant teeth, they can last a lifetime. This will keep your smile looking its very best for many years to come. If you are missing some of your natural teeth and are interested in Implant Dentistry in Clayton, Contact us right away. Through a dental implant, you can be free of your dental issues so you can have the beautiful and functional smile you are longing for. Call today for your appointment.

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