Lawn Irrigation in Kalamazoo – Sanderson and DeHaan is the Company for you!

Have you ever tried to install your own irrigation? It usually involves many weekends of a 1-man crew digging ditches, ripping up your own lawn. In hindsight, you will have realized that you could have saved a lot of time, as well as your back, if you had a company like Sanderson and Dehaan install your irrigation system. Some people prefer using a hose to water their lawn, and claim that it saves more water. However, irrigation systems actually conserve water more than using a hose to manually water your lawn. You also do not have to worry about any runoff or over watering if you forget to turn the hose off. Another argument that tends to deter people from irrigation systems is that they believe their lawn will sustain significant damage in the process of installation. Well, I’m please to inform you that Sanderson and DeHaan uses professional equipment that most individuals do not have, which allows them to install your irrigation system, while sustaining an absolute minimal amount of any possible damage to your yard. Even if there is some damage, it heals back to it’s original condition after just 2-3 weeks.

Let’s face it – in order to keep any lawn looking pristine, an irrigation system is necessary. Even in places where rain is abundant, sometimes months of drought can leave a lawn looking brown and extra crispy. Believe it or not, your yard can suffer damage if it goes just a few days without water. Lawn Irrigation in Kalamazoo is a must have. Sanderson and DeHaan offer professional products from many of the major irrigation manufacturers, and have over 20 years of experience installing and servicing them. This company will take into consideration what your irrigation needs are, and customize the products being used to fit your own personalized needs. This company also provides free estimates, so be sure to call in today!

When you search Lawn Irrigation in Kalamazoo, you will get many search results. The feather in the cap of Sanderson and De Haan is that they also offer landscape lighting solutions, which add the perfect accent lighting to your house, trees and lawn to give your house what I like to call the “wow factor.”

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