Kinds of In Floor Heating to Choose From in Cincinnati

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Floor Heating is a form of central heating for the home. It is often referred to as radiant heating. There are heat pipes or electric cables installed in the floor that apply heat directly to the floor. People and pets in the room can feel the heat that gets transferred through infrared radiation and also through convection, or the principle that hot air rises up from the floor. There are several types of in-floor heating systems and they each have their own advantages.

Unlike forced air heating or baseboard heating, there are no air ducts through which hot air flows, so there is less heat loss back through those same ducts. Because of the method of heat transfer, which is ductless, In Floor Heating Cincinnati is automatically a more efficient method of creating and transferring heat. Radiant in-floor heating also doesn’t distribute dust, pollen, and other dirt and allergen particles throughout the house, so it may keep the house cleaner and be easier for those with allergies.

There are three kinds of In Floor Heating Cincinnati: Hydronic in-floor heating that uses water to heat the floor, electric in-floor systems, and air heated in-floor systems. Hydronic heating is the system most homeowners use due to the effiicient use of heat transfer and the cost effectiveness of running this kind of system. The system uses a boiler that heats water in a system of pipes that are installed in the floor. This kind of system allows homeowners other options besides using electricity. They can use a solar water heater, gas-fired boiler, an oil-fired boiler, or a wood-fired boiler to heat the water.

Electrically-heated radiant floors have electric cabling running through the floors or plastic panels in the floors that heat the sub-floor. This system is not as cost-efficient as hydronic heating if you are in an area with higher electricity utility rates or if your electric company doesn’t offer lower rates for off-peak hours. Radiant floors that are heated by air are not considered as efficient as the other two systems, or are they as cost-effective, due to the energy wasted in heating the floors at night when the forced-air furnace, which powers the in-floor heat, is running.

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