Keep Your Vehicle Rolling With Quality Repairs on Manual Transmission Cars in Katy

The transmission is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Its primary purpose is to convert the engine’s raw horsepower into usable torque to move your car or truck. There are two types of automotive transmissions. The first is the automatic model and the second is found in Manual Transmission Cars in Katy. An automatic transmission uses hydraulic pressure for changing gears while the standard model requires that the driver release and engage the clutch while shifting gears. Originally the standard transmission was the only option, but car manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve and the automatic transmission provides excellent driver convenience.

Surprisingly, not everyone prefers the automatic transmission. In fact, many people would rather drive a manual shifting vehicle because it gives them ultimate control over their automobile. With an automatic transmission you are stuck with the gears changing based on certain conditions, however, the standard transmission allows the driver to change gears when they desire. This can often mean extra power when you require it or the ability to use the engine as a braking force. The only real downside when using Manual Transmission Cars in Katy is the mechanical clutch.

The clutch is a unique combination of components whose primary function is to connect the transmission to the engine. This may sound easy, but the engine is always turning while the transmission may be rotating at a different rate of speed, if at all. The clutch assembly uses a throw-out bearing attached to a yoke that spins as the clutch is disengaged. The clutch plate sits between the engine flywheel and the pressure plate. The pressure plate is used to keep the clutch held tightly while it is engaged. Pressing the clutch pedal pushes the yoke which forces the pressure plate to release the clutch plate.

Clutch wear occurs because every time that you move the pedal, the clutch plate rubs against the flywheel and pressure plate. Other standard transmission problems include failure to shift correctly, damaged gears and low lubricant. Transmission gears can be damaged due to excessive loads, worn clutch and sloppy shifting. If your car or truck is having transmission problems, then it is time to talk to an expert like those at Universal Transmissions.

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