Keep Your Car or Truck Driving Great With Quality Transmission Repairs in Houston

Cars and trucks have two basic transmission types, an automatic shifting version and the standard shift. The automatic transmission is a complex piece of machinery that uses hydraulic pressure to operate a series of internal clutches and gears. The standard shift transmission uses a mechanical release clutch to disengage the transmission so the driver can shift gears whenever required. Both versions of the modern transmission provide for very reliable transportation as long as they are properly cared for, but a worn transmission or clutch requires a mechanic experienced in Transmission Repairs in Houston.

A standard transmission usually breaks down when the clutch or throw-out bearing wears out. These two components take the brunt of the wear every time you press the clutch pedal. However, a standard transmission can also have problems when internal gears grind or the teeth on them break. This can happen from sloppy shifting or bad parts. You may also experience standard transmission troubles if the shift linkages wear out. Many shift linkages have nylon or plastic grommets that keep the linkage from having too much play in it. Over time, these grommets will wear out and need to be replaced.

An automatic transmission can fail for numerous reasons. For example, if the transmission is run low on fluid it could cause the internal clutches to slip. Clutch slippage causes sludge to build up inside the transmission and clog the tiny channels that the fluid runs through. This can create even more pressure problems and may burn out the clutches entirely. A severely worn automatic transmission will usually leak through the front or rear seals. You may not see the fluid on the ground because the leaks are slow, but if you look under the vehicle you can usually see it on the under-body of the vehicle.

Getting an automatic transmission replaced should be a fairly easy task. Most transmission repairs are done by replacing the old transmission with a factory rebuilt version. This is usually your best option because the transmission is warranted for defects. Automatic transmissions are very complex which makes them difficult to repair. Any mechanic with enough experience in Transmission Repairs in Houston will tell you that a replacement is generally better than one rebuilt in the shop. If your vehicle is having transmission trouble, be sure to visit Universal Transmissions.

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