Keep a Pet Healthy and Happy With Pet Vaccination in Olathe, KS

Dogs and cats enrich the lives of the people they live with. They give unconditional love and devotion without any expectations. One cannot ask for a better companion. It’s important to provide pets with regular veterinary care, including Pet Vaccination in Olathe KS. Vaccinations, along with a yearly wellness exam, can help a pet to live a long, healthy life.

Pet Vaccination in Olathe KS can play a vital role in keeping the family pet healthy. Immunization shots guard against many types of harmful and fatal illnesses when administered properly. A vaccine works by stimulating antibodies in the immune system. When an animal is exposed to a particular disease, the antibodies go into action to detect and fight off the intruder. In many instances, core vaccines can be given as early as six weeks of age. The rabies vaccine is the most important core shot, and it should be administered to both dogs and cats. It is required by law in most states. Other core shots recommended for dogs include the distemper combo and a vaccine for kennel cough. In addition to the required rabies shot, felines should receive the FVRCP and feline leukemia vaccines for basic protection. A veterinarian may also suggest several non-core vaccines that can provide additional benefits.

A healthy pet is a happy pet. However, this doesn’t just happen by chance. Pet owners need to provide dogs and cats with a balanced diet, daily exercise, and other essentials, such as grooming, dental care, and regular checkups by a licensed veterinarian. Proper care can reduce illness in pets and help them to remain active and alert.

Falcon Valley Animal Hospital has been serving clients in the Olathe and Lenexa, KS area for over 10 years. They offer complete veterinary services, including wellness checkups, sick visits, emergency care, surgical procedures and dental needs. They also have a full-service groomer on the premises to keep pets looking their best at all times. Boarding is another option that is offered, but spaces fill up quickly, so it’s best to plan ahead and book a pet’s stay early.

Being proactive about pet health can ensure that dogs and cats will enjoy a happy life. Vaccinations are a big part of that. They offer protection against diseases that might otherwise shorten a pet’s life. A yearly wellness examination should include receiving any booster shots that may be due at the time.

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