Is the Unit Blowing Warm Air? Maybe It’s Time for HVAC Installation in Orange County

Although California is a great place to live, the summer heat gets downright uncomfortable. Once the long, hot work day is over, there’s nothing better than coming home to a cool, comfortable room-;that is, until the AC stops working. If the unit isn’t blowing cold air, it may be due to one of the five causes below. Read on to find out why the home’s air conditioning unit might not be blowing as cold as it should.

A Clogged, Dirty Air Filter

When the air filter is full of dirt, airflow throughout the home is restricted, and there may be no detectable air coming from the vents. However, the solution is simple: change the filter. While a new HEPA filter will help, it’s important to choose one with the proper dimensions.

An Improper Thermostat Setting

Before panicking at the lack of cold air, take a minute to assess the situation. In some cases, the problem is as simple as having the thermostat on the wrong setting. The thermostat should be set to auto, not on. When this occurs, the unit might not blow cold air; in fact, it may feel downright warm. The setting prevents the unit from working harder than necessary, and keeping it on auto will help the owner save on their energy bills.

A Low Refrigerant Level

If the unit still isn’t putting out cold air, it may be because it’s low on refrigerant. However, resolving the issue isn’t as easy as it seems, and the owner will have to consult a specialist in HVAC Installation in Orange County. A technician will ensure that the entire system is charged and they’ll check for leaks as well.

When It’s Time to Call an HVAC Company for Repair or Replacement

People in California have become so dependent on their air conditioning that a sudden failure may seem (or feel) like a catastrophe. If the filter, unit, thermostat, and other parts have been inspected and cleared, it’s time to call for repair or HVAC Installation in Orange County. Visit the website at

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