Is Invisalign in Daytona Beach FL for You?

Have you been told you need braces, but are concerned about wearing metal appliances in your mouth? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many adults shy away from orthodontic care, because they find these metal appliances to be cumbersome and even embarrassing to wear. If you are an adult in need of orthodontic care, there are now more treatment options available. With Invisalign in Daytona Beach FL, you will not have to be worried about others knowing you are being treated. You will simply wear the clear aligners over your teeth, never experiencing interference with your daily life.

How Does Daytona Beach FL Invisalign?

You may have heard about Invisalign, but never fully understood exactly how it works. This information can help you to better understand this treatment option, so you can make an informed decision for your dental care.

Invisalign treatments make use of a plastic aligner tray. These trays are custom created for your teeth, so they snap right in place. Each aligner is made slightly different, according to your treatment plan. You will wear each aligner tray for a period of two weeks. At the end of the time period, you will toss the old aligner in the trash and put your next one in place. Each aligner must be worn in a precise order, for you to be able to achieve good results.

Outside of being invisible, Invisalign also does not require any limitations on your activities or foods you eat. You will only need to remove the aligners to brush your teeth. Otherwise, you will wear them the entire treatment period, even when you sleep. Since these aligners are so much more comfortable than traditional braces, you may even forget you are wearing them.

If you have been considering having your alignment issues correct, contact Beville Dental Care. They can provide you with the best in dental care, offering Invisalign treatment options. They will be glad to schedule you for a consultation appointment, so you can learn whether or not Invisalign can help with your alignment concerns. Contact them today and schedule your appointment.

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