If You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Violence, Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison, WI Now

A conviction for a violent crime can lead to a significant amount of jail time, criminal record, and an impact that will last a lifetime. Those who are accused of domestic violence will want to make sure they seek legal assistance from a Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison, WI right away to get the help they need to minimize the impact this might have on their future, and to protect their rights.

Lowering the Charges

In some cases, it’s possible for the person to have the charges lowered through a plea deal. This means they’ll plead guilty, but not to the original charge. It can enable them to obtain a smaller sentence even though they are found guilty. Also, it can help reduce the impact this conviction might have on their future. A lawyer can help their client negotiate with the prosecution to lower the charges with a plea deal.

Minimizing the Sentence

If the person is found guilty of the charges, it doesn’t mean he or she will receive the maximum sentence allowed by law. Instead, the lawyer might be able to convince the judge to offer the minimum sentence. This could enable the person to complete the sentence faster, so he or she can move on with their life and try to put the criminal case behind them. This is more likely to be possible if it’s the person’s first time being arrested and charged with a crime.

Seeking Help Instead of a Conviction

In some cases, the person might request help from the courts instead of being sentenced to jail. While this isn’t always an option for these types of cases, it’s possible the judge will enable the person to seek treatment instead of going to jail. They will still have a criminal record, but they may be able to learn how to put this behind them and prevent any further legal issues..

There are many ways for a lawyer to help someone who is accused of domestic violence, depending on what exactly happened before they were arrested. If you’ve been arrested and charged with domestic violence, you’ll want to speak with a Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison, WI to learn more about what your options are and what you can expect. Visit Gregwrightlaw.com to learn more today.

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