How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Hampton Costs

by | Jun 13, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Effects of global warming are becoming more prevalent making it imperative for homeowners to install air conditioning systems in their homes. During the summer months, temperatures are likely to rise and having an Air Conditioning Hampton system will make your home comfortable. Although the summer is a great period, on the negative, you are likely to notice soaring electricity bills every time the air conditioner is turned on. Below are a few tips that will help you gain control of the bills.

Turn off the air conditioner

This is probably one of the easiest means to gain control. However, it can be difficult to accomplish considering that temperatures and humidity are likely to go so high that it is difficult to breathe without having the system on.

Size of room vs. size of system

Considering how hard it can be to turn off the AC system, you need to come up with innovative means of keeping the room cool. One way is to carefully consider the size of the room and match it up to the system you would like to purchase. This calls for you to contact a professional to help you select an AC system that will perform at maximal efficiency.

Check out the SEER number

Another issue you need to look into when shopping for the perfect AC system is its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). The rating ought to be at least 13 but for those who live in hotter climate, they should consider getting a unit of higher rating. Although the unit is likely to cost more, it is a saving in the long run in terms of expenses.

Get a thermostat

Another way to get greater savings is by having a professional install a programmable thermostat. This gadget allows you to change the temperature of the home when away proving beneficial and helpful in getting lower electricity bills.

Turn on the system early

It is advisable to turn your system on early in the morning when expecting the weather to be hot. This helps your unit avoid working too hard boosting electricity consumption. If leaving your home, set your thermostat high to avoid over cooling.

Other tips that will help you achieve lower Air Conditioning Hampton electricity bills include:
Planting shrubs and trees around the home
Keeping doors, windows and curtains shut
Regular maintenance of your unit


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